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Adults Swimming Lessons

Adult Lessons overview:


Usually when you have not learnt to swim by the time you are an adult it is due to the fact that you have fears that you cannot seems to break, or you just have not had the opportunity to the fundamentals of swimming.


We go back to the basics and we teach you the fundamentals of swimming and as an adult, you will understand what you are learning, and why you are learning them.  I find that the more the Adults understand why they are learning a skill the better the results.


As a teacher it is very rewarding to teach someone that has the desire to learn to swim but has not been given the support to assist in learning the swimming skill.  Many Adults come for the lessons after loved ones have failed to teach them.  By the time adults come for lessons I find they almost feel that they will never grasp the concept.  Good news ahead:  We keep it simple and we take ‘baby steps’ and you will be surprised how far you have gone from one lesson to the next.


Classes are in the morning and late afternoon.  To confirm a time please contact us.