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Assessment & Programme Level

At 1 2 Swim we do our best to ensure that our students are put into the appropriate swimming programme that enables them to excel at their best pace, as there are many factors that influence the child’s rate of learning.  This is best arranged by doing a 15 minute assessment during which we look at the Character of the Student along with his / her attitude towards the aquatic environment.


Children need consistency and repetition in order to learn something new.  Learning to swim takes many hours of practice.  Unfortunately children don’t have access to water based skills as they would to other land based skills so it is very important to make it to as many lessons as possible. 

If you bring your child to lessons once a week then your child is only getting an average of 2 hours / month to learn their lessons. What they have learnt will be forgotten if they are unable to practice their skill then they regress.


It is better to bring children two times a week but Mums and Dads have HECTIC schedules trying to balance their career, their kids and often just surviving.  Trust me I know what it feels like.  I have three kids of my own and life just gets more busy. 


However, it’s very important to understand that lessons once a week is not ideal but will suffice.  Missing lessons is not beneficial for your child, they may fall behind and have to move to another class time in order be at their level of swimming where they don’t feel so overwhelmed by other children who have progressed.

What to pack:

Awards of Achievement

We have a number of goals required at different levels for our students.  Once these goals are accomplished they are awarded a certificate at their appropriate level and move onto a higher level of new swim directed techniques along with safety behaviour in and around the pool. 

This also applies to educating the parents of the learn to swim process and water safety strategies that can be employed.

Facilities and Accreditations

The Pool is an indoor heated pool, with male and female changing areas and a waiting area for children and parents.

Only on Instructors request may parents enter the swimming area. 

All instructors require the Learn to Swim Instructors Certificate along with the Heartsavers CPR Certificate that must be updated annually.


Teacher Charlie (1 2 Swim owner and head teacher) has a certification from Swim England, amongst others.


Click here to have a look at Certifications

Health and Safety

Practicing healthy swimming behaviour is important to prevent Recreation Water Illness.


Please no swimming allowed if students or parents have Diarrhea, Gastric Flu, an Active Infections or Open Wounds.

The appropriate swimming Diapers must be used to prevent infants from soiling the Pool Water.

Please no urinating in the Pool and hair must be tied up and swimming caps worn.

Tissues will be provided to clean up runny noses.

Please no removing of swimwear in the pool area.

Please do not leave the swimming area without notifying the instructor.

Please inform the instructor if the child is on medication and provide a letter of consent from your health practitioners.

Everyone must get out of the water at the end of a lesson or if requested by the instructor.